Success doesn’t just fall into your lap, and neither do performing jobs. There are always exceptions to that rule but if you want something, you have to be proactive. More importantly you have to work ‘smart’ rather than ‘hard’.

We can all lose direction at times; we sit in our comfort zone without even realising it and the offers of work start to dry up. You could be the best performer or person for the job, but unless you’re also skilled at marketing yourself, that job may pass you by. That’s where Ambitious Arts comes in – to give you the boost you need to conquer your career.

“The Health Check”

Brilliant for getting your questions answered, keeping you on track & giving you things to work on.


“The Mentor Program”

If you’re ready to get serious and looking to keep motivated and stay on top of the game. We will help you expand your business, earn good money and take your creative ideas to the next level with our regularly monthly meetings

£175 per month

“The Intensive”

The perfect way to keep you motivated, grow your profile, keep you inspired and get you earning the money you deserve.


Our coaching sessions are designed to help performers refocus, think outside the box and see the bigger picture. Our courses run only twice a year, so enquire now to find out when the next course starts.

Being a performer in the industry isn’t just about performing; that’s just one element of the business. Sending out emails, networking and talking to casting directors is fine, but unless you know exactly what you want from the marketing activity, all your hard work won’t pay off.

We work closely with you to track your progress, accountability and gather your creative ideas to help you to develop and work on new opportunities to earn money. We will show you how to run yourself as a business successfully so you no longer have to take any job just to keep the pennies rolling in. You may think that creating work and opportunities around your skill set might be time consuming and distract focus from your performing career. However, in doing so you will have much more time, effort and money to spend towards your chosen profession.

Ambitious Arts offers different coaching packages to suit different lifestyles, needs and performers. From exclusive online or in person 1-2-1’s, regular check ups to 3 month intensive courses. If you’re not sure which best suits you, or have some questions, simply book a free 30min no obligation talk with one of our team.