All our events are aimed at empowering performers to take control of their careers and to make the money they deserve.

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Being a performer can be one of the most rewarding professions on the planet – but nobody said it was easy!

Ambitious Arts have put together a series of workshops and events that are designed to help you succeed. Our events teach you the art of taking control of your career, and how to reap the financial and personal rewards that come with being a successful performer.

Whilst performing art schools and other courses are great at teaching you the skills of performance, they don’t explain how to survive in the entertainment industry, let alone make money. What many performers forget is that being self-employed means you’re already your own business and you are the product.

You may know many excellent performers who just haven’t made it in the industry, or are working in unrelated jobs just to make ends meet. That’s not why you started out on your performer career, and it’s not what we want for you either.

Don’t just survive, thrive!

Ambitious Arts’ events have been designed to provide performers with the necessary skills to not only succeed in the entertainment industry, but to also earn a great living. Our event leaders will focus on teaching you how to support yourself, whilst waiting for a role. We will show you how to create unique ideas that will sell you, demonstrate how you can promote your skills, teach you how to raise your profile and stand out in this highly competitive industry.

So, if you’re fed up working in coffee shops, call centres or pulling pints, then join us at one of our upcoming events. Start making a success of your career as a performer and earn the money you deserve.