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Book in a free 30 min chat with one of the Ambitious Arts team on how to successfully plan and expand your creative ideas into making money.

Please note these talks are not about headshots, cover letters or auditions. They are for performers who are seeking advice on how to get people through their doors, stand out from the crowd and earn money off their own back.


    There will be times throughout your performing career when you will experience lows, when the money you’re earning is not as much as you’d like, or need it to be. It’s at this point that you may start thinking of running your own event, show, or classes. You may already be doing this, but need some guidance in making that side of your career more successful.

    We all need a helping hand at times, which is why we offer these talks for free. Our talks have been developed to help performers gain valuable tips, give great advice and guidance on how to make a successful career and living.

    We’re not talking about how to write a cover letter, or the ‘yes and no’s’ about headshots, and we don’t even mention auditions. These Free Talks are about guiding performers in the art of standing out from the crowd and getting people through the door! 

    Our talks have helped 100’s of performers focus on how to support themselves, whether they’re just starting out or already a seasoned professional who is looking to expand their creativity, enjoyment and bank balance.

    After a 30-minute chat with one of our Ambitious Arts team, you will walk away with valuable tips and advice on how to successfully plan, expand and execute your creative ideas.