Online Course

Don’t have the time or the flexibility to attend one of our coaching courses?

Don’t worry – Ambitious Arts offers an online coaching course for performers packed with advice, videos, downloadables, interviews, tests and invaluable tips.

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By the end of the course you will know your passions, what kind of performer you want to be, how to promote and market yourself effectively and easily, how to attract beneficial partnerships, how to produce multiple incomes and how not just to survive, but rather to ‘thrive’ in a hugely over crowded industry.

Standing out from the crowd is a key skill that will allow you to not only raise your profile in the entertainment industry, but also to charge a premium for your services – now wouldn’t that be nice! Selling yourself and your business needn’t be that hard or worrying.

What you will learn?

Our 5 step 'I.D.E.A.S' methodology


How to come up with an idea that you enjoy, are passionate about and that pays well.


Learn how to plan backwards and understand how to achieve your goals.


Grow your initial ideas into multiple products that can earn you more money.


Stand out of the crowd, charge a premium & raise your profile.


Learn that sales don't have to be scary! Explore the best ways to promote and market yourself.

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